Sep 9, 2010

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Recently while meeting with a client and as the discussion revealed the vastness of internet-available public metadata and the valuable insight gained through the analytics of momblogs, I queasily wondered whether or not callmedebutante met the profile... only to –horror- discover that callmedebutante met the criteria of momblogger status though significantly lacking of followers.

Should you decide to wiki “best momblogs on the net” callmedebutante has eluded the rankings **note to self: include more search engine strategy words like Bunco, book club, SUV and stay-at-home. done.

Momblogs are typically witty and whimsical, dotted with photos and seinfeldish observations “what is up with toilet training boys to sit?” In fact, my client could build an incredible profile of the demographics, (conservative white female, mid 30's-50's, highly educated, hh size 4+,) and geographics (suburban) etc that would seem appropriate for callmedebutante.

Few momblogs reflect acrid diatribes originating from a deep desire to percolate ethereal and esoteric attitudes into opinion. **note to self: make appointment with therapist for overcoming pedantic defense mechanisms.

Learning that callmedebutante might possibly be drilled down to the parametric cliché of a research firm hoping to uncover specifically why callmedebutante was discussing chai tea in one blog, and illegal immigration in another, I thought it a coup of unparallel outliering shenanigans to borrow a thematic post from a fellow blogger- a self described momblogger- and share my top ten books in an attempt to satisfy a query and to share sincerely an interest of mine which seems to have gone missing as of late.

But before I unveil the books that moved the earth for me, I must digress: If I were asked to list my top 20 books I would have to cram. I LOVE-heart- to read. As of late, spending quality time with a good book is such a luxury that the self loathing that ensues after indulging in reading time becomes insurmountable. **note to self: mention self loathing as a consequence of book reading and television viewing to therapist, too.

I suspect soon enough I will be supplied with sufficient time to remedy and replace self loathing with self- righteous indignation and express the return on investment or net present value of reading with a quasi- symbolic calculation that yields benefit over cost. It was a sad realization that the time afforded to reading for pleasure or personal gain did in fact determine the eligibility for entering my top ten books. Alas, it is a paradox that even as this is written I afforded the time for expression when in fact I could have made progress with reception. ***note to self, do not enter into a doloop of analysis of the benefits of writing vs. reading.
Now for the REVEAL:

Books that have survived the move, purging, urgent need for funds from half-price books, flooded basement, sunscreen soaked beach bags, shoddy bindings, and all nighters:
Best Christmas Pageant Ever
To Kill an Mockingbird
The Last Lecture
The Monster at the End of this Book
Charlotte’s Web
Little House on the Prairie
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone
Adventures of Tom Sawyer
Cold Sassy Tree
The House at Pooh Corner
The mere reminiscence of these books and the time and place of original read stirs recall of moving passages and brilliant authors and inspiring characters. I suspect I may have arrived at the strategic-albeit-emotional decision that reading deserves an increase in allocations…now where, or whom to take it from…. **note to self: cancel therapist, cancel client meetings.bunco, SUV, soccer, recipe,bookclub


  1. Loved your list..Best Christmas Pageant Ever. Smacking head. Every list I've seen makes me say, 'Oh yeah, that too.'

    Have you read Sarah's Key by Tatiana de Rosnay? That is a recent read I absolutely loved. Also...The Vanishing Act of Esme Lennox by Maggie O'Farrell. Both are worth checking out and are hard to put down.

  2. With apologies if this posts twice... Any thoughts on why momblog authors are mainly conservative, or suburban? Are the two linked? I wonder if the different dynamics of urban vs. suburban settings (in the city, younger kids play in parks or playgrounds, supervised by parents, versus private yards in the suburbs) provide more opportunities for social interactions for urban parents, while suburban moms feel more isolated, and more in need of reaching out for companionship & affirmation? That's using generalizations but then, so are the demographics...

  3. Scimom: I suppose if we checked out the metadata there is probably something related to traditional values and traditional roles. Needless to say, statistics are like bikinis, what they reveal: interesting ;what they conceal: critical.